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BMF Clan : inviting!

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BMF Clan : inviting! Empty BMF Clan : inviting!

Post  donprada Sat Feb 05, 2011 3:20 pm

Hello, the clan BMF inviting organized, loyal, smart and English speaking people only.

To join us, you must have 76lvl, to have idea what the hell are you doining, S is obligatory. (I understand - this server wont be new, but still make at least some work on your own, before you try to apply for us. But we do help with equipment - i believe equipments are achievable, we just need decent players to do it) Have enought of brains to follow officer/leader orders in siege/pvp/raid. Be active and supportive friend in clan.
Priority we looking for :

(Yes, we looking for supports, but we will test you, if you fail - you wont enter the clan.)

There is more information how we keep things in clan, and how we do it. (I will ask some of the rules, before you join us. So READ, if you wont know em, you wont get in.)

Chain of Command

Leader: DONPrada
- Oversees everything

Officers:not yet
- Assists leader(s)
- Supervises lower ranks
- Resolves issues between clan members
- Votes on applications
- Recruitment

BMF Member: (Everyone)
- Listens to lawful orders by officers during raids, pvps, castle sieges, etc
- Assists and respects all officers
- Assists and respects each other

Recruits: (Trial Members and Academy)
- Newly accepted member on a trial period
- Must show loyalty to the clan
- Must be registered on forums and ventrilo to become a full member of BMF
- If new recruit is not on for 5-7 consecutive days (without reason), the trial period will automatically end and the member will be expelled from clan
- Length of trial period is up to the officers

Clan Rules
*Subject to change

BMF has been created couple a days ago, but we are a very hard-core pvp clan and we are always the best of the best. When you become a BMF member, all your actions reflect upon the clan. Therefore, these rules must be followed. Failure to follow these rules will result in being expelled from clan. No exceptions will be given.
When you apply to the clan, you agree to follow and obey these rules. For the first offense, you will receive a warning. Second offense, you will be expelled from clan.
If there are any questions, please feel free to contact any of the officers.

Member Behavior:

Must be respectful towards officers
Any kind of disrespect shown towards officers will not be tolerated. This includes cursing in clan chat, flaming, yelling in ts3, not following orders given during raids or clan wars, etc.

Must be respectful towards other clan members
Treat clan members the way you would like to be treated. No flaming at each other, no cursing at each other. If a clan mate does something that bothers you, try and talk with them first. If that does not help, talk to an officer. Cursing at each other in clan chat, for example, is rude and will not solve anything.

As a member of BMF, you must be loyal to this clan and this clan alone. We will expel members who have characters in other clans (except alt clans). Any information and images in forums are confidential and cannot be shared with anyone outside of clan.

TS3 is very important. Every BMF member must be on TS3, especially during PVPs, castle sieges, raids, etc. This is the easiest way to communicate with everyone.
TS3 Rules:
- If you are a new member, you must have one of the following officers add you to TS3: DONPrada, (others not decided yet)
- Must be respectful to everyone.
- Do not go into channels you do not belong in
- No long phonetic names

All members must register on the forums and check it once in a while. This is the easiest way to get updates on clan events, castle sieges, epic bosses, etc. (New members must first go through the trial period and one of the officers will automatically add you.)

English Only
Try to keep all clan/ally chats English. If you want to talk in another language do it in PM or party chat. This also applies to ts3. If you want to speak in another language with your friend, make sure you do it in another channel.

No Lending Gear or Account Sharing
Do NOT lend any clan member any of your gear or items. This also includes giving out your account info. This is very important. We've had many clan members who've been in clan with us for a long time and they have scammed other clan mates of their rare jewelry and items. There are also times when outsiders get access to clan mates accounts and ask to borrow stuff. People will do anything to try and get your items. If you do decide to lend your gear or give out your account information, it will be at your own risk. The only thing you can lend is currency or items you can get back easily.

In-Game Behavior:

Third party programs
Any type of third party program will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, duping, bug abuse, botting, etc. If any member is caught using these programs, they will be expelled on the spot. No exceptions will be given.

Ksing other people is fine, as long as there is a legitimate reason. (i.e. player is annoying you or talking ****)

Killing Ally Members
No killing of any ally members without officer’s permission. If done so anyways, you run the risk of being expelled based on the circumstances.

BMF does not tolerate scamming of any kind. Scamming players or clan members for items or money will automatically get you expelled from clan.

We wont be another zerg, we will prove, that QUALITY > QUANTITY. So, watch us roll!
If you think you're able to join such clan, be my guest, but be warned - these rules are for reason, disobey em, and you will be kicked, which i do alot these days. We are perfectionists, we like to do everything right, and in time. Sometimes we play alone, sometimes, we cant wait to get invited in party. This is all what make lineage 2 awesome game, for every kind of person, which we welcome. But don't get us wrong - we like to chill out and have laugh, making stupid mistakes all over and over again, but we do rely on our members, cause after all - they are the ones who make clan great.

Contact info : If you want to talk about it pm : DONPrada or any other BMF member to contact the command chain and get invited! Or, leave pm here, in forums.
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