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Suggestions for the new server

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Suggestions for the new server Empty Suggestions for the new server

Post  Metallica Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:49 pm

Well, these are my ideas for the new server:

Rates : x1000 - x3000 like the old one is good (it's a pvp-based server)
Enchants : Like the old l2 tron
Augmentations : stuckable with a low limit ( not 10 augments in 1 player, it makes ubber stats and pvp's are too short)

About Custom Items: Every non-retail server has custom items, and it makes it a little interesting, maybe making custom pvp and farm zones isn't a bad idea.. and the custom armor was not bad.. the only wrong thing that was made in the server was the Aio buffs for donators.. every1 got mad about it... It's okay if they want to help the server and we need money to pay and stay online, but making that difference like mroe than 1 passive and all that only-donators-stuff, That's really bad...

About classes balancing-pvp duration : maybe creating a tatoo that gives you more %HP (big) will make pvping more interesting, cause you know guys, a pvp that lasts only for 3-4 seconds with criticals for 5-6k is not funny...
I have already helped in many servers making class balancing.. (BEFORE YOU GUYS SAY.. IM NOT INTERESTED IN BECOMING A GM) just wanna help server balancing from coliseum-fighting tests..

Well, thats all for now.. I'd like to suggest all players to put their suggestions here, not make 9888798 posts with same topic, I got lots of new ideas, i'll be posting them laters.. thx all and hope you enjoy new server !! Smile

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